Currently we have two Apps in the Google Play Store.
You can find all our Apps directly on the Play Store: Cannibal Development

News Center:
This application makes other News Apps obsolete. Choose your newspapers, select your favorite categories and start reading.

eSport News:
This application collects articles from various eSports related websites and provides you a stream of the latest news in the world of gaming. Install this app, select your favorite websites and games, and start reading.
If one of your favorite website is not in our list, use the in-app feedback tool too let us know.

Stream App:
With this app you can watch save and browse through the most popular streams from Twitchtv and HASHDtv.

Flash Installer:
This App helps you to install Adobe Flash on your Android Device.
This App isn’t available in the Play Store, bud you can download it from our Website: